Taking ALL Your Calls ALL Of The Time

Taking ALL Your Calls ALL Of The Time

This September, we officially launched a new offering meant to help dealers meet the needs of their customers. The Parasol AllCall Program enables dealers to route all their incoming calls to Parasol, not just the calls of your subscribers! 

Dealers have always wanted us to take all their calls, so we’ve been testing out a way to do that with some of our longtime customers. Now that we’ve fine-tuned the offering, we’re rolling it out to more dealers as a new tier of service. 



“We were only solving part of the problem for our dealers and we’re excited to offer up AllCall to finally offer 100% 24/7 dealer pain relief.” – Ted Bremekamp, Co-founder, Parasol



This new offering is designed to help dealers ease into the subscription service we offer while also helping them take the load off of worrying about answering the phone. This service option does not require an OvrC Pro Hub or any system commissioning. 

AllCall provides a basic answering service not meant for technical support. Our trained customer service professionals are there to take down the information needed and pass it along to your team. As you know, being there right when the issue is happening is crucial. However, being available to answer the phone 24/7 is just not realistic. With AllCall, there’s no need to make sure someone is always at the office. When a client calls, there’s a friendly and helpful voice at the other end. This provides peace of mind for your clients, who are calling while they are experiencing an issue. Our professionals know what questions to ask to get to the root of the issue while the client is standing in front of it and the problem is fresh in their minds. 


“We love porting our service line over to Parasol. We’ve already signed up a ton of customers as subscribers, but having Parasol take all the rest of our calls is such a relief, especially after hours.” – Aaron Cowden, owner of Fusion Audio + Video in Greenville, S.C.

How it Works

Through the AllCall program, we answer all calls, emails, texts, or chat messages 24/7/365 and track those calls through a ticketing system. When a call or message comes in, a ticket is created. Our team is trained to take information for leads, solve simple problems, or escalate issues immediately. We also know which questions to ask to get to the root of the problem so that you can schedule a correct service call. 


When we answer the phone, we say: 

“Hello, this is your dedicated 24/7 support, powered by [dealer name]. How may we help you?”

Person answering the Parasol AllCall Support Line

Regardless of the type of call or message, all the information is tracked and reported weekly. Don’t worry, we don’t flood you with ticket emails! Tickets that are solved are not sent as they come, but are compiled in a weekly report. Customer leads  and issues have tickets created and are immediately escalated to you to handle. All tickets are still accessible on the dealer portal under the Ticket Search tab. We don’t require follow up to any AllCall related tickets, which simplifies the workload for dealers. 

Dealers are charged either a flat fee per incident, billed monthly or a fee per minute, billed monthly.  


“Client experience is an important initiative for Bravas and Parasol’s All-Call program has enabled us to deliver a more consistent service experience to clients across the board. Our employees have benefited as much as our clients. Technicians deal with fewer client calls during evenings and weekends and fewer distractions during business hours. Our service coordinators and office staff are more confident scheduling on-site service and invoicing for remote service knowing that clients received a quick response from our dedicated service team.” – Jay Vandermyde, COO of Bravas


Ready to get started? Here’s how it works! 

  1. Accept and sign an agreement for the AllCall Plan.
  2. Fill out our AllCall questionnaire for information we need.
  3. Give us a date you want to start.

Contact our National Account Manager, Brandon Willmott via email or phone for information or to get started. 

  • Email: b.willmott@getparasol.com
  • Phone: (612)381-4865

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