Supporting Dealers with Marketing Resources

Supporting Dealers with Marketing Resources

Here at Parasol we’re always looking for ways to support our dealer and help them sell the Parasol service. We’re excited about a new partnership with One Firefly to further that support with powerful web tools that will supercharge their recurring monthly revenue (RMR) programs.

Parasol dealers will now be able to leverage One Firefly’s “Lead Concierge” live chat service to instantly support clients from their websites by seamlessly forwarding support requests to Parasol. In addition, One Firefly is simplifying the RMR subscription sign up process by delivering a one-click experience right from a hosted landing page.

Your website is the gateway to all the amazing products and services you offer. Unfortunately, keeping it looking modern and up to date can be cumbersome and expensive. One Firefly’s easy solution is here to help you market and sell our RMR support service effortlessly. The copy, imagery, and layout is already done for you! 

“Think of us as an ‘Easy button.’ We’re excited to partner with Parasol and look forward to helping their dealers deliver amazing support,” says One Firefly Founder and CEO Ron Callis.

Parasol dealers who decide they’d like to integrate the Web content themselves can download the HTML templates from the Parasol dealer portal at no charge. For those who would like further assistance, One Firefly has a couple of packages to choose from that include additional services such as:

  • E-Commerce Setup & Customization
  • Zoho Subscriptions or Ultracart (Basic Package)
  • Stand-Alone Joomla Page hosted by One Firefly

“Our goal is to help make life a little bit easier for you. If you want a simple message to your customer base that you offer service plans, we’re going to help you do that. If you also then want e-commerce set up so that either you or your staff, and/or your customers can log in and ultimately transact that into an e-commerce environment where recurring billing will happen, we have that solution as well,” says Ron.

These days, customers expect to be able to find the information they need in an easy to understand format on a company’s website. They also expect to be able to buy right away with one click. In the age of the subscription model, setting up a new service should be an easy, one time purchase that becomes a recurring cost with no extra effort to the customer. This is why One Firefly is offering additional support for e-commerce set-up. 

“We’re all about powering the happiest integrators on the planet and partnering with One Firefly helps make transitioning to an RMR culture that much easier,” says Ted Bremekamp, Parasol co-founder and Director of Operations.

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