Is Your Service Team Ready for Parasol?

Is Your Service Team Ready for Parasol?

Implement these changes now to get your service team ready

Ready to open your business up to a new revenue stream? There’s some work you need to do before you get started to prepare your business for Parasol. We talked about preparing your sales team. This week we’ve got tips for preparing your service team (and new clients).

Getting Your Service Team Ready

There’s some infrastructure you’ll need to install to prepare clients and their homes for Parasol. As your service technicians are running service calls, consider installing OvrC hubs and getting your clients on a service subscription. Offer Parasol 360 as coming soon and consider what you can deliver in the meantime. As we suggested last week, try offering support during business hours yourself under a subscription model, and give clients a coupon for 6 months free.

Why install OvrC now?

  • You won’t have to go back out because the equipment will already be installed.
  • You’re saving time and preparing clients for a subscription model.
  • You’re turning your service business into a sales pipeline.

Stay tuned! We’ve got one more preparation step to share before your business is ready to reap all of the Parasol benefits!

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