Parasol’s 2020 Highlights

Parasol’s 2020 Highlights

2020 was a challenging year for many both personally and professionally. As we enter into 2021 with hopes that the pandemic will come to an end, we would be remiss to acknowledge all of the good that happened last year. Despite the challenges, we have a lot to celebrate as a company thanks to our dedicated employees and amazing dealers. Here are our 2020 highlights.

Launching AllCall

Last year, we successfully launched a program to help take the stress off of answering the seemingly endless calls, emails, chats, and text messages. The Parasol AllCall Program enables dealers to route their incoming calls to Parasol, not just the calls of your subscribers! It also includes email, text message, and chat support. 

Learn more about the AllCall program here.


Expanded Internationally

2020 officially marked the year we expanded service outside of the U.S. Parasol now has dealers in Australia, Canada, and the UK! 

Pioneer Program success 

The Parasol Pioneer Program was launched in 2019 with the goal of providing helpful education and support to dealers. This certification program was designed to train technicians on Parasol’s setup and best practices. As you know, Parasol is committed to both providing world class service to its users, and supporting dealers with the training and resources needed to be successful. We are proud to share that in 2020, we had over 750 people complete our Pioneer Program!

Partnering with One Firefly

Another new program launched in 2020 was our partnership with One Firefly to provide marketing resources for dealers. Through this partnership, all Parasol dealers are able to leverage One Firefly’s “Lead Concierge” live chat service to instantly support clients from their websites by seamlessly forwarding support requests to Parasol. In addition, One Firefly is simplifying the RMR subscription sign up process by delivering a one-click experience right from a hosted landing page. 

Dealer contest

We wanted to have a little fun and encourage friendly competition last year. We launched a dealer contest to give a little incentive for selling our service. For every three Parasol subscriptions sold, dealers got an entry into our raffle. 

The prize? Dealers could win either…

  • A trip to Mexico
  • A $2,500 Visa gift card
  • A $2,500 Parasol account credit 

Our winning dealer was ReferenceAVS in Iowa, who chose to distribute gift cards to everyone on the team. We loved hosting the dealer contest last year and look forward to more fun contests in 2021! 


Another big milestone met

Finally, we are proud to share that Parasol continued to grow last year. We now have over 250 dealers and thousands of subscribers! 

As you can see, despite the challenges, we had some big successes in 2020. We are proud of the hard work our team put forth last year in transitioning to supporting customers and dealers remotely from their homes. We have some exciting plans for 2021 and will continue to look for ways to deliver amazing service that makes life easier for dealers across the country AND all over the world! 

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