Parasol FAQs

Parasol FAQs

Here are some common questions we see every day from prospective and current dealers. Ready to move ahead with Parasol? Become a Dealer Here.

Q:  What are your service offerings?
A: Essential Service Plan:  24/7 Reactive Service, Text, Email and Chat Support.
A: Enhanced Service Plan: 24/7 Proactive Service, Toll Free Number, Text, Email and Chat Support
A: AllCall: Switch your main phone number over to Parasol and we’ll answer all your calls no matter subscriber status (no charge for subscriber calls).

Q: Do you publish your pricing online or anywhere else?
A: No we know that it is important to our dealers not have our prices publicly posted. We have removed all pricing from our web site and published articles. Interested dealers can apply here and we’re happy to share our pricing after you sign up.

Q: How does Parasol answer the phone?
A: “Thank you for calling your dedicated support line.”

Q: Who’s answering the phones?
A: Experienced home technology integrators who understand what it means to be in front of your customers and the importance of letting them be heard.

Q: Will you help my customers troubleshoot issues with AV (picture but no sound, sound but no picture)?
A: Absolutely! Our goal is to help your clients through their pain points. 

Q: What info do you need from dealers to service clients?
A: At minimum, we’d like to see you label systems consistently using Parasol’s Onboarding Documentation.

Q: How do you differ from the companies out there?
A: Parasol is “By Integrators, For Integrators.” Our subscription program is extremely easy to understand and the founding companies (Eagle Sentry, Livewire and ETC) are “eating their own dog food” by integrating Parasol into their own businesses.

Q: How do dealers see their tickets?
A: We’ll update dealers via email, through Slack and via a Web portal which shows all tickets. Dealers can update their tickets though the Web portal, replying to the email or Slack message. No software licensing or special programs are needed to be a Parasol dealer.

Q: How are payments collected?
A: Dealers collect payments from clients directly and Parasol bulk invoices the Dealer. If you don’t have a means to collect subscription revenue, Parasol will help you get that set up.

Q: Do you have any references?
A: Yes We have nearly 300+ dealers using our services you can contact and we’ll be happy to share contact information upon request.

Q: Can I talk to your network support folks?
A: We’d be happy to send you audio from actual calls.

Q: When can I sign up with Parasol?
A:  Now. Click here to get started.

Q: If I sell the service for 3 years what type of guarantee do I have that prices won’t go up?
A:  We will send the dealer a letter saying we won’t raise pricing for them in the next 3 years.

Q: Will you help clients with security service issues like beeping keypads?
A: We can assist with video surveillance, but at this time we will not answer any other security related questions.  We are looking into this and are concerned with the liability issue and the different regulations that exist from state to state. 

Q: What hardware do we have to have to use the Parasol services?
A: At a minimum we need a SnapAV OvrC Pro Hub in each system or an Araknis/Pakedge router with built-in OvrC Pro Hub.

Q: Can you service and monitor other devices other than OvrC enabled devices?
A: Yes we can monitor and service all devices that are on the customer’s network with the exception of burglar & fire alarm.

Q: What can you reset and or control if there are issues?
A:  There is a large list of vendors and equipment models that allow us to do resets natively in the OvrC environment without having to login to the device.  Some examples are AV receivers, Crestron, and Control4.

Q:  Do we need to give you the usernames and passwords to login to customers switches and control processors?
A:  No.  We do not want access to the user names and passwords for your client’s equipment.  Many vendors have worked with SnapAV to allow native control of components without having to log into the device.

Q: Who can become a Parasol dealer?
A:  Parasol welcomes established integrators with revenues of at least $1mm and 2+ years in business.

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