This One Task is Completely Worth Your Time As An Integrator

This One Task is Completely Worth Your Time As An Integrator

We know, there aren’t enough hours in the day. And to top it off, you are likely short handed and could not fathom taking another thing on. But what if we told you investing just a little bit of time in this one task could help transform your business and actually free up your time?

Do we have your attention? 

That one task is signing up to be a Parasol dealer. It’s probably been on your list for a while now but you just can’t seem to find the time. Here’s your call to action to make time. Signing up to sell our services actually frees up time and resources that will make you more productive.

No more manning the phone for customer problems, no more racing to a customer’s house, no more trouble shooting over the phone. We handle all of that for you and free up your staff to make you more efficient. Allowing you the freedom to run your business.

It’s worth the time – but you’ve got to make time to save time.

What it takes

So how much time are we talking about? Well, you’ll need to sign the paperwork and go through an 1.5 hour technical orientation. Once you’re on-boarded you will need to engage your staff and get them onboard. It’s really important for you, as the leader to drive the change so everyone understands why this new service is so great. Get buy in from your installers and salespeople and it’s all smooth sailing from there!

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