Is Your Business Ready for Parasol?

Is Your Business Ready for Parasol?

You’ve submitted your email expressing interest, you may have even had a phone call with our team. But while we’re getting Parasol ready for you, there are some things you should be doing to get ready for us.

Even if we brought you on today, you’re going to have to change your business workflow to get to the selling point. So, while you’re waiting for us, we’re going to deliver you some tips to help you get your business ready for Parasol over the next 3 weeks.

Getting Your Sales Team Ready

Your sales team is likely used to selling AV projects without any service or subscription plans. One of the key transformations for Parasol is to get into the recurring revenue subscription mindset.

Currently, the model is: sales-team-parasol

  • Your sales team sells a project.
  • Your service team does the install.
  • Your client expects support when something goes wrong.

Here’s the problem: You’re currently giving support away for free! Now is the perfect time to start moving into the support/recurring revenue model mindset.

Train your sales team to sell the peace of mind of a support subscription. Consider the following:

  • Changing your warranty program to a 90 day warranty.
  • Establishing a couple of service or recurring revenue programs that are woven into your sales presentations and conversations.

You can start by offering support during business hours yourself. You can also offer 6 months for free and tell them 24/7 support is coming.  

Service suggestion: Check out our beta-tester company for a great example of how to structure your 24/7 support service.

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